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Art Car Boot Fair, Prêt-à-Accrocher with Smithson Gallery 1st December

Art Car Boot Fair have organised a unique Christmas event 'Ready to Hang' flash art sale Sunday 1st December, 2-4.30pm London SE1, where my work can be found with the amazing Smithson Gallery. I have created two new and exclusive botanical prints that will be part of 2 special box sets featuring 12 incredible artists. There are two box sizes available, one featuring 10 different prints by 10 different artists, each an edition of 10 and all 20x20cm in size. The other containing 12 different prints by 12 different artists, each an edition of 12and all 10x15cm in size. If you are interested in Original Art Bargains, tickets can be booked in advance via Art Car Boot Fair and additional information regarding the boxes can be sought through

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